Chinese Soy Bean Sauce as a Transmitting Agent of Bacterial Gastro-Intestinal Infections

Cheng-I Wang Szechwan Provincial Institute of Infectious Disease, Chengtu, Szechwan, China

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  1. 1. This experiment was made to determine whether the Chinese soy bean sauce plays any part in the dissemination of diseases caused by organisms of the typhoid and dysentery group.
  2. 2. Thirty samples of sauces were examined; 35% of these samples showed evidence of contamination either with E. coli, E. typhosa, S. dysenteriae, or Salmonella bacilli.
  3. 3. The hypertonicity and acidity of the samples have no significant germicidal effect on these organisms, and E. typhosa inoculated into the sauce can survive for many days.
  4. 4. The fact that the soy bean sauce is frequently consumed raw and often contaminated with the typhoid-dysentery group of organisms suggests the possibility that they play a part in the dissemination of intestional infections in this country.

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