Unusual Breeding Places of Mosquitoes in the Vicinity of Keesler Field, Mississippi

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During the 1943 season, several species of mosquitoes have been observed breeding in unusual situations at Keesler Field, Mississippi and in the nearby town of Biloxi. Few of the situations observed were producing mosquitoes in large numbers, but they emphasize the difference between habitat preference and habitat tolerance, and the danger of stereotyped thinking with regard to breeding places.

Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say. This species was fairly abundant at Keesler Field and in the vicinity during June and July. The region presents no typical habitats such as one finds in the highly malarious regions of the Southeast, but the mosquito is apparently able to adapt itself to a variety of breeding places which would not ordinarily be considered favorable.

At one point on Keesler Field, larvae were found in some numbers (8, 4th instar, July 13; 1 (reared) July 27; 8, 4th instar, July 19), in tiny pools in a running ditch.

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