A Check List of the Mite Vectors and Animal Reservoirs of Tsutsugamushi Disease

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  • DeLamar Institute of Public Health, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

Tsutsugamushi disease, an ancient malady known since the sixth century, is today presenting a problem, among our military personnel, which is taking on considerable significance. Major Ahlm and Captain Lipshutz (14) made the following statements in reference to this ailment: “Until recently the condition had not been given the space it deserves in medical textbooks, owing in part to our lack of interest from the economic standpoint in many of the tropical and subtropical countries. The advent of World War II has, however, changed the picture entirely. We now find not only men of the allied armed forces but our own men suffering the ravages of this fever in many tropical areas. The total man days lost from this disease have presented a problem. This together with the great advance in air transportation expected in the post war period tends to make the disease one of considerable military and economic importance.”