Health Status of the Marshallese

A Preliminary Report

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Introduction. The following paper is the result of a survey made under the direction of Capt. R. F. Sledge, MC, USN, whose suggestions and encouragement were of great help to us. The observations recorded below were made by the authors during the months of March and April 1944. The total population of the islands and atolls visited was approximately 4500; we examined 1100 of this total.

No accurate morbidity percentages are available as yet. Those quoted in this paper are approximations. We are at present engaged in making a more thorough survey of the diseases found among these people. This will be the subject of a later paper.

The number of our laboratory studies was limited by the short time we had ashore on the various islands visited, and the extreme difficulty of getting equipment ashore across the reefs surrounding these islands.

GENERAL The health of the natives was fair.

Author Notes

Lieut. U.S.N.R. and Lieut. U.S.N.