Pacific Islands Section—Part I

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  • Stanford University

The present manual is a wartime outgrowth of the senior author's work in the Pacific Islands Research project carried on at Stanford University since 1939.

Publication of the material in its present form is made in response to urgent requests. Revised editions will be issued from time to time, and final publication in book form will include references to the extensive source material consulted. This includes official reports, occasional articles, medical and anthropological, and extensive correspondence and discussion. Suggestions for the expanded future editions and final publication in book form will be appreciated. Observations by physicians now stationed in this area are particularly welcome.

The Pacific section, of which this is the first part, is being prepared in consultation with Dr. S. M. Lambert, formerly Rockefeller Foundation medical representative in the Pacific. Another advisor has been Dr. V. W. T. McCusty, Director of Medical Services, Fiji and the Western Pacific.

Author Notes

Among those who have read the manuscript and made helpful suggestions, special mentionmay be made of Chancellor Ray Lyman Wilbur and Professors O.N. Andersen, G. F. Ferris, G. S. Luckett, S. Raffles, E. W. Schultz, and Alfred C. Reed, of Stanford University; Professors W. B. Herms and Gordon H. Ball, of the University of California; Dr Wilbur A. Sawyer, Director of International Health Division, Rockefeller Foundation; Capt. T. J. Carter, Lt. Comdr. D. F. Smiley, and Lt. (j.g.) D. S. Farner, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Department of Navy; Capt. A. P. Krueger, U.S.N.R., Laboratory Research Unit No. 1; Dr. K. F. Meyer, Director of Hooper Foundation, University of California; Prof. E. C. Faust, acting head, Department of Tropical Medicine, Tulane University; and Dr. J. E. Alicata, Director of the Parasitology Project, Public Health Committee, Territory of Hawaii.