Microscopic Technique in Biology and Medicine

By E. V. Cowdry. Professor of Anatomy, Washington University etc., The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, Md. 1943. Pp. i–iv, 1–206

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This book is a most excellent compilation in alpha-betical form of the techniques employed in biology and medicine in the laboratory and is really a dictionary and encyclopaedia of such techniques. The alpha-betical arrangement is most useful and the volume should prove of much value to every laboratory technician and research worker. The amount of material considered is great and the method of presentation lucid and as brief as is consistent with the importance of the technique described. The reviewer has had occasion to refer to this work repeatedly and has invariably found the material he desired and his experience will be that of all others who have the good fortune to possess this very useful technical guide.

One of the most valuable features of the work are the references to the original descriptions “of technical methods or to complete discussions” of methods and these references are given with the description of the technique, so that time and labor are conserved.