Clinical Tropical Medicine

By twenty-seven authors, edited by I. Taylor Berovitz, M. D., foreword by William A. Sawyer, M. D., Pp i–xvii, 1–957 with 188 illustrations, 20 plates 6 in full color. Advisory Editorial Board—Col. Charles F Craig, M. D., U. S. Army (Retired), W. W. Cort, A.M., PhD. Col. Edward B. Vedder, M. D., U. S. Army (Retired). Paul B. Hoeber. New York and London, 1944

Fratis L. Duff
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This book on “Clinical Tropical Medicine” was designed as an aid to the general practitioner in diagnosis and treatment; as a handbook of prevention for the medical officers in the Armed Forces, and as an introduction to tropical disease symptomatology, pathology and treatment for the medical student. It is difficult for any one book to fulfill adequately all of these aims. In general this text tends to emphasize the discussion of the etiological agents and diagnosis. The discussions of symptomatology, treatment and prevention are in certain chapters very brief.

In any book written by numerous authorities, there is great variation in the style and presentation of the various subjects. Certain outstanding authorities maintain the excellence and completeness of their presentations. The presentations of Relapsing Fever, Infectious Jaundice, Rat Bite Fever, Seven Day Fever, Dengue and Phlebotomus Fever by the well-known writer Col. C. F. Craig are recognizable in these respects.

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