A Consideration of Certain Problems Presented by a Case of Strongyloidiasis

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  • University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, N. Y.
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  1. 1.A fatal case of human strongyloidiasis complicating disseminated tuberculosis is presented, with autopsy findings.
  2. 2.The infection was acquired either in Poland or in Rochester, New York; if the former, the infection had maintained itself more than 30 years, through the mechanisms of autoinfection and/or hyperinfection. Further study is necessary to determine the northern limit of the parasite's natural range in this country.
  3. 3.The elimination of larval and adult worms from the patient, as proved at autopsy, was effected by 1.59 grams of gentian violet per os and 0.1 gram by vein.
  4. 4.The advisability of concentrating liquid stools in parasitological examination is emphasized.
  5. 5.Strongyloides pneumonitis and the possible rôle played by migrating Strongyloides larvae in the activation of inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are discussed.
  6. 6.Strongyloides stercoralis as an etiologic agent in the production of certain types of large bowel tumors is discussed.

Author Notes

Lieutenant, Medical Corps, AUS.