Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Examinations

By John A. Kolmer. D. Appleton-Century Co. New York and London. 1943

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Dr. Kolmer has brought together much interesting material in this large volume of 1239 pages. More than half of the book is devoted to the clinical interpretation of laboratory examinations. The remainder is given over to the practical application of laboratory examinations in clinical diagnosis, to the technic of such examinations and to a 130 page index. Many tabular out-lines appear, particularly in the first half of the book. Colored plates give excellent impressions of the various reactions to different skin tests but the important color characteristics of the various malaria plasmodia are lost in black and white. Selected references to the literature are grouped at the conclusion of chapters.

Beginning with the clearly stated premise “No clinical or laboratory examination can be better than the thoroughness and skill with which it is conducted” this work is a guide to the just estimate and sound utilization of laboratory data which alone give it honest clinical value.