Memoir of Walter Reed. The Yellow Fever Episode

By Albert E. Truby. Brigadier General, United States Army, Retired. Illustrated. Pp. I-XIII, 1-239. Paul B. Hoeber, Inc. New York. 1943

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Many books have been written regarding the discovery of the method of transmission of yellow fever by the mosquito and much misunderstanding has arisen as to the relative parts played in this most important discovery by the members of the United States Army Board and others. The present memoir is written by an officer of the Medical Corps of the Army who was Post Surgeon at Camp Columbia, Cuba, during the investigations, and who can speak with authority regarding the subject.

In his Preface, Brigadier General Truby says: “In recent years, public interest in that great yellow fever episode has developed enormously. Unfortunately, but quite naturally, some distortion of the facts has crept into the picture. Because of that, and the fact that many details of the work and incidents connected with it have never been told, I have repeatedly been urged to write what I know of the personnel, the work they did, their living conditions, and the scene in general.”

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