Clinical Laboratory Methods and Diagnosis

By R. B. H. Gradwohl, M.D., D.Sc., Third Edition. Illustrated with 726 text figures and 57 color plates. 1943. The C. V. Mosby Company. Two Volumes. Pp. I-XIII, 1-2130. Index, 209 pages

The third edition of this popular work is really an encyclopaedia of laboratory diagnostic methods, comprising two large volumes containing over two thousand pages, with an index of two hundred pages. Practically all diagnostic laboratory methods of importance are included but it is noted that the laboratory methods employed in the diagnosis of protozoan infections are very briefly considered, the methods described few in number, and the descriptions often sketchy in character. The classification of laboratory methods follows that usually employed in works upon clinical laboratory diagnosis and the amount of space allowed each subject is well divided in accordance with the importance of the subject in diagnosis.

A number of important omissions are noted. For instance, in the description of the malaria plasmodia, no mention is made of Plasmodium ovale, while in the discussion of the complement fixation test for amebiasis the original method of Craig is not described, although the results obtained with this method have been better than with other methods which have been developed, when the technique has been strictly followed.