A Broader Perspective for Bacteriology

Presidential Address

N. Paul Hudson Department of Bacteriology, Ohio State University, Columbus

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Periodically, there occurs a great event that causes men of science to pause in their work and plans, and attempt to orient their science and their thinking to the influence of the great event. Forces that bring about this self-inspection and analysis have included a change in philosophic thought, the emergence of a new scientific field, the discovery of a new tool for investigation, and the influence of an economic depression. Without entering into the controversy as to whether war is the result or the cause of scientific advancement (and both are apparently true), it cannot be denied that war is a tremendously strong factor in the stimulation of scientific advance. As a forceful event, it is causing scientific men to inspect their position and their science, to relate themselves to the powerful scientific movement of the time, and to plan for alignment with future advancement.

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