Note on a New Transparent Cage for Collecting and Feeding Mosquitoes

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  • U. S. Engineer Hospital, British Guiana, S. A.

All entomologists who have occasion to collect mosquitoes in the field come upon the problem of transporting them to the laboratory alive. Many aspirators have been devised having a catchment vial attached to cope with this problem but very delicate insects such as mosquitoes are often damaged when they hit the walls of the container as they are sucked in.

A cage had been devised which proved useful not only in the field but also in the laboratory to keep the insects for feeding periods or to keep them alive prior to dissection. While in Trinidad Dr. Lloyd A. Rozeboom, of Johns Hopkins University, introduced us to the use of this cage. It consists of a pint size cardboard container with bobbinette substituted for the top cover. This allows a surface through which the insects can feed and to a limited degree be observed.