Background to Post-War Reconstruction

Part I. Preliminary Report on Parasitic and Other Infectious Diseases of the Japanese Mandated Islands and Guam

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  • Pacific Islands Research War Project, Stanford University, California

Introduction. The Japanese Mandated Islands include four major Micronesian groups: the Palaus, the Marianas (except Guam), the Carolines, and the Marshalls. They were placed under Japanese mandate in 1919. Guam, geographically one of the Marianas, has been under United States sovereignty since 1899 but is at present in the hands of the Japanese.

The most recent comprehensive work on disease distribution, the late Dr. E. B. McKinley's Geography of Disease (1935), makes no mention of the Japanese Mandated Islands, and the information on Guam contained therein is in need of revision.

Of the sixty-six diseases discussed below, forty-three are of sufficient military importance to be included in General George C. Dunham's Military Preventive Medicine (1938). The remaining twenty-three, although they may not necessarily be important to an army in the field, will interest administrators who may be called upon to set up public health organizations in this area.