Incidence of Protozoan Parasites of the Human Intestine in the District of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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  • School of Medicine of the Universidad de Santo Domingo

Summary and Conclusions

Five hundred consecutive fecal specimens intended for examinations other than for intestinal protozoa were included in this study. Of these, 52.2 per cent were positive for some species of intestinal protozoa, and 14 per cent were positive for Endamoeba histolytica. In general, the incidence of rizopoda was high as compared with that of mastigophora.

Balantidium coli is not known to exist in the district studied.

Author Notes

The staining and examination of fecal smears was made by Dr. Ravelo-Barré, while the collection, analysis and preparation of data for publication was done by Dr. Thomen.