Tropical Medicine in the Navy

The Seventh Charles Franklin Craig Lecture

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  • Medical Corps, U. S. N.

It is not my purpose to review the progress of tropical medicine in this country, since you are as familiar with it as I am. I have in mind merely to give you some idea as to the practice of tropical medicine by the members of the Navy Medical Corps.

Very naturally, the Military Services have been keenly interested in every aspect of tropical medicine throughout the past half century, for it is by a thorough knowledge of diagnosis and prevention of these diseases that we are able to keep our fighting men in physical condition to meet an enemy in tropical zones. It is not news to you that we of the Navy feel that the subject of tropical medicine has not been thoroughly taught in the medical schools of this country. Consequently, the young graduate comes to the Military Services illy prepared to meet the peculiar demands on medical officers who go into the tropics with troops for the first time.