Survival Time of Intravaginally Implanted Trichomonas Hominis

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  • Department of Zoology University of Pennsylvania, and Department of Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College Hospital, Philadelphia


  1. 1.Fifty-nine women have been used in determining the survival time in the vagina of culture Trichomonas hominis. They were completely unselected as to type vaginal discharge, vaginal pH, bacterial flora, and presence or absence of T. vaginalis.
  2. 2.The time intervals were ½, 1, 2, 4, 6, 24, and 48 hours. Up to and including 24 hours, at least one woman was positive for T. hominis for each interval. Of the twenty-five used in the 48 hour series, no single one was positive for T. hominis.
  3. 3.One woman became negative for T. hominis in ½ hour; two positive at 1 hour were negative at 1½ hours; one positive in a 1½ hour series was negative in a later 4 hour test; and in the 24 hour group, only one of seven was positive at this interval.
  4. 4.The factor (or factors) causing the intravaginal disappearance of T. hominis was not determined.