Anopheles Crucians Found in Northern Nicaragua

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In connection with other studies, a brief visit was made during 1941 to certain localities situated near the Rio Segovia in Northern Nicaragua. As no published information is available about the anophelines of that area, the following notes have been compiled to record what was found.

In Howard, Dyar, and Knab (1), the distribution of Anopheles crucians is given as the Southeastern United States from New York to Texas as well as Cuba and Jamaica. But King and Bradley (2) and Rozeboom (3) reported the presence of that species in Mexico; while Kumm and Ram (4) recorded it in British Honduras, and Clark (5) extended the known distribution to Spanish Honduras. Apparently, therefore, the finding of A. crucians larvae at Bilwas Karma and Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, which is reported herewith, is of considerable interest because Puerto Cabezas constitutes the southern limit of the known extension of that species.