The Construction of a Micromanipulator for the Isolation of Protozoa

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  • Division of Zoology, National Institute of Health

Rees (1937) published a description of a micromanipulator which he designed for performing the following operations: (1) Selecting individual protozoa from a mixed population of bacteria and protozoa, (2) transferring the protozoa to sterile fluid and thus eventually effecting complete separation of the fauna from the flora, and (3) seeding the isolated protozoa into tubes of sterile culture medium. The present paper is required because the earlier publication was inadequately illustrated and because several modifications have since been introduced.

ASSEMBLY OF THE MICROMANIPULATOR As stated by Rees (1937) the successful microisolation of protozoa from bacteria entails the following operations: (1) Accurate movement of the water-air meniscus in the micropipette, (2) movement of the pipette at will in the field of the compound microscope in any of the three dimensional planes, and (3) speedy removal of a contaminated pipette from its holder and its replacement with a sterile pipette.