Phlebotomus and Carrión's Disease

III. Field Studies on Phlebotomus

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  • Departmento de Entomología Médica, Instituto Nacional de Higiene y Salud Pública, Lima, Peru

In carrying out studies on the transmission of Carrión's disease we have collected Phlebotomus sandflies throughout more than four years for use in experimental work and for breeding-stock, as well as for the purpose of securing information about their habits and distribution. This paper seeks to present as completely as is possible at this time, an account of these insects as they occur in the Peruvian verruga zone, with special reference to those phases of their natural history related to the transmission of verruga. The latter part of this section summarizes the fieldwork under the heading of the places where it was done. These data have been presented in some detail since they cover continuous collections and observations over considerable periods of time at some of the classic sites of verruga, and since they illustrate many of the interrelations of the three sandfly species, their hosts, and verruga, at different places and altitudes.