Chinese Lessons to Western Medicine

By I. Snapper, Professor of Medicine, Peiping Union Medical College, Peiping, China. With a foreword by George R. Minot, Professor of Medicine, Harvard University. Pp. i–x, 1–380. Interscience Publishers, Inc., New York, 1941

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This interesting book contains clinical studies upon many infections and diseases prevalent in China and calls attention to the differences observed in the clinical pictures of many of the diseases as presented in that country and in western countries because of racial, climatic and other factors. The author, owing to his position as Professor of Medicine at the Peiping Medical College, has had almost unlimited opportunities to study the diseases of the Chinese and this book gives the results of his experience. It is a book that should be read by medical students and clinicians as it contains many valuable observations, especially relating to the variations in the symptomatology of disease caused by racial characteristics and climatic, economic and other factors. It should prove of special interest just at this time when it is more than probable that American physicians will be brought into contact with the people of China and the disease conditions prevailing among them.