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The following letter from Dr. Donald H. Baker of the Hospital of the Disciples of Christ Congo Mission, Belgian Congo, Africa, has been sent the Editor by Dr. Howard Dittrick, Chairman, Publication Committee, Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Medical Society, and is published here because of its interest to those interested in the relationship of yaws and syphilis. The letter follows:

The Editor of The Bulletin of

The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A.

Dear Dr. Dittrick:

I was intensely interested in the article appearing in the April 1941 number of the Bulletin, entitled “The Syphilis Campaign.”

I have been located deep in the equatorial forest region of the Belgian Congo since 1932, in an area where the natives have had yaws for generations, but only recently, one might say the last generation, have had syphilis, now rapidly increasing. Claims for the unicity of yaws and syphilis seem absurd in the light of the facts which we find here.