Communicable Disease Nursing

By Theresa I. Lynch, R.N., Ed.D. 625 pages with 156 text illustrations and 5 color plates. The C. V. Mosby Company, St. Louis, Mo. 1942

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This book presents with clarity and simplicity the basic and fundamental factors necessary to a comprehensive study of communicable diseases.

In general the subject is expressed in such a manner as would be of great value both to instructor and student in a modern hospital as well as practical for the laity. The book conforms to suggested study material found in The Curriculum Guide for Schools of Nursing; also the technical and clinical phases of communicable disease nursing presented, are up to date, and expansive enough to meet any situation. Much systematic thought and work is shown by the author aided by prominent physicians and nurses. An excellent brief discussion of uncommon diseases may be found in the appendix and reference material has been provided for by the author.