A Symposium on Human Malaria with Special Reference to North America and the Caribbean Region

Edited by Forest Ray Moulton. Publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, No. 15, Smithsonian Institution Building, Washington, D. C., 1941. Cloth, 398 pp.

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A book dealing with human malaria—the eighth collection of articles on matters of public health published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In it is to be found a systematic, comprehensive and authoritative discussion of the problems of malaria as they are encountered in North America and the Caribbean region.

It is a compilation of forty-four contributions by as many authors with a foreword by the Editor. There are twenty-eight pages of bibliography, also maps, charts, graphs, tables and half-tones, all of distinct informative value. It is a history of the results of intensive thought and work and it points out promising avenues of study and attack. It bears upon the questions of the parasites and their vectors, epidemiology, symptomatology, pathology, immunity, treatment, and control and eradication.

The Publication Committee, Boyd, Soule, Coggeshall, Craig, Taliaferro and Williams, Jr., lent not only guidance in its preparation but added individual contributions.