Human Intestinal Myiasis due to Syrphid Larvae

Report of an Additional Case (Eristalis tenax)

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  • Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the School of Medicine of Louisiana State University, Charity Hospital of Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana
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The case herewith recorded represents the twenty-second instance of human myiasis by larvae of the family Syrphidae to be recorded in the literature In this instance the offending parasite was a member of the genus Eristalis, probably E. tenax. In addition to the form vomited before the patient was seen, seven larvae were expelled following anthelmintic therapy. Because of a complicating condition (bronchitis), it is not clear which, if any, of the child's symptoms can be attributed to the parasitic infestation.

The cases of human myiasis by syrphid larvae recorded in the literature since 1918 have been collected.