Malaria Reconnaissance of the Province of Havana in Cuba

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  1. 1.The malaria survey of Cuba has now been extended to Havana Province and the data collected there are recorded.
  2. 2.The results of the examination of 19,188 children for splenomegaly and 9,982 for malaria parasites are presented and analyzed.
  3. 3.Except possibly in two municipalities in the province, the incidence of endemic malaria at the present time is, as a whole, quite low. With the exception of small, localized foci which are related to the special anopheline problems of one of the three types described, the problem of endemic malaria in this province is inconsiderable.
  4. 4.The peculiar conditions of soil and subsoil which account for the lack of malaria in the province are described.
  5. 5.Four species of anophelines, A. albimanus, A. crucians, A. vestitipennis and A. grabhami, have been encountered in the area surveyed.
  6. 6.It is concluded that such endemic malaria as is found in this province is caused by A. albimanus.