A Textbook of Clinical Pathology

By Roy R. Kracke and Francis P. Parker. Second edition. Pp. i–xviii, 1–780. The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, Md. 1940

This is the second edition of the well known text edited by Kracke and Parker and the revision has been complete and the work has been entirely reset because of the numerous advances that have been made in the subject since the first edition was printed. The book contains chapters upon the various phases of clinical pathology by experts upon the subjects of which they treat, so that it represents the experience of many authorities in their respective fields. In a review it is impossible to discuss the various chapters contributed by these authorities but all are excellent and the entire work is a credit to American pathologists. It can be cordially recommended to medical students, physicians and laboratory workers as an accurate, useful and thorough consideration of clinical pathology.