Mosquito Control—Practical Methods for Abatement of Disease Vectors and Pests

By William Brodbeck Herms, Sc.D., and Harold Farnsworth Gray, Gr. P. H. 317 pages and 60 figures. The Commonwealth Fund, N. Y., 1940

E. Harold Hinman
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In the preface of this book the authors state that “it is intended to be a practical handbook on mosquito abatement, not a text book on drainage, engineering, or a technical monograph on entomology. It endeavors to present the fundamental principles of mosquito control, emphasizing practical application, geographic variation, and ecological differences in sufficient detail to indicate the main methods of attack on the problem.” The reviewer is of the opinion that the authors are to be commended for the excellent way in which they have adhered to this objective. After a brief historical statement, consideration is given to economic losses due to mosquitoes. An excellent discussion of the critical provisions of various state laws for mosquito abatement is given, together with suggested improvements. The importance of surveys and education of the public is stressed, and the early chapters of the book will be found particularly helpful to communities considering undertaking abatement.