Immunologic Studies in Malaria with Special Reference to the Diagnosis of Malaria

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  • Department of Preventive Medicine and the Department of Bacteriology, Medical School, University of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee

During the past fifteen months we have studied three immunologic reactions in malaria: skin tests, precipitin tests, and complement fixation tests.

The chief objective of this work has been to find some diagnostic procedure which would supplement, or supplant, the examination of blood smears for malaria parasites. If such a test could be found its value would be obvious.

All three of these reactions have received some attention from other workers. In our experience, the complement fixation test has yielded the most tangible and reliable source of immunologic data.

In this paper we are presenting the results of our studies on skin tests, precipitin tests, and complement fixation tests. Many of our data are negative but since they have been carefully correlated with clinical findings, we feel justified in presenting this preliminary report.