Accepted Foods and Their Nutritional Value

Council on Foods of the American Medical Association. Pp. 492. The American Medical Association, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, 1940

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The Council on Foods of The American Medical Association is the result of action by the Board of Trustees of The American Medical Association which believed that an authoritative body was needed to evaluate nutritional claims in the advertising of food products. Thus, the Council is composed of twelve persons selected because of their knowledge of those branches directly concerned with food composition, nutrition and health and who, in turn, are aided by a headquarters staff of technical assistants.

The purpose of the Council is to consider foods and food advertising in the light of established knowledge or of the best authoritative opinion concerning food and nutritional values, and according to the rules adopted by the Council in the interest and for the protection of public health and public welfare. Foods that appear to conform to the requirements thus formulated are declared “accepted” by the Council.