A History of Tropical Medicine

By H. Harold Scott, C.M.G., M.D., F.R.C.P., etc. In 2 volumes. Pp. 1–XIX, 1–1165. The Williams and Wilkins Co., Baltimore, Md., 1939. Illustrated

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All workers in tropical medicine should welcome this history of their subject by Dr. Scott. As Director of the Tropical Diseases Bureau, of England and as Editor of that most valuable publication, the Tropical Diseases Bulletin, he is well qualified to write such a history and has accomplished his task in a most pleasing and interesting manner. A short review cannot do justice to such a work, embracing as it does the results of years of research and containing hundreds of references to what has been accomplished in tropical medicine, together with descriptions of the most important discoveries made during the years since Manson first wrote his work upon tropical diseases.

The author has perhaps leaned a little toward the English in speaking of various discoveries and has, in a few instances, given more credit to English investigators than most authorities would yield them.