Standard Methods

By Augustus B. Wadsworth, M.D. Second Edition. Pp. 681. Illustrated. The William and Wilkins Co., Baltimore, Md., 1939

Charles G. Sinclair
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This is a compilation, now in its second edition, of the methods used in the New York State Laboratories in all work within their purview. It has been prepared by the entire staff and edited by the Director of Laboratories, for the purpose of giving standard methods for the central laboratories and other laboratories approved for diagnostic service.

As such laboratories include a great variety of worker types from the unskilled diener to the skilled scientist, different personnel groups receive unifying directions in this book. Glassware and media instructions are given in precise and elementary form focussed on the kitchen helpers; diagnostic methods are detailed and focussed on the more skilled workers rather than on apprentices and dieners; while the antitoxin, serum and vaccine sections are elaborate and highly technical. Water, sewage, ice and milk methods are practically those recommended by the American Public Health Association.