Introduction to Pathology and Bacteriology

By E. C. Smith. Illustrated. 18 colored plates. Pp. 279. John Bale, Ltd. London, England, 1939

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This work, by the Senior Pathologist, Medical Laboratory Service, at Nigeria, was prepared as an introduction to larger textbooks on the subjects, for medical students in the Tropics. It contains considerable material in its 279 pages, in a form intermediate between an epitome and a treatise.

The illustrations are mostly original, many in color, and are generally excellent, particularly those of micro-organisms. Some unusual subjects receive attention rather out of proportion to the brevity of the text and the interest threshold of readers. Melioidosis occupies half a page although it is so rare a disease as to be almost a “medical curiosity.” Treponema pertenue stained with Fontana's stain, is illustrated but there is no illustration of Treponema pallidum. The sections on the Protozoa and the Helminths are well done and illustrated. An Appendix out-lines autopsy methods.

The author attempted a difficult task in considering two such broad subjects in such brevity and has attained a reasonably good result.