Human Helminthology

By Ernest Carroll Faust, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Second Edition. Illustrated with 302 engravings. Pp. 1–780. Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, Pa., 1939

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This, the second edition of Faust's well known work upon human helminthology, will be welcomed by all interested in this subject, especially the specialist and the medical student and practitioner. The reviewer is not a helminthologist but fully realizes the great value of a knowledge of the medical aspects of the subject to the practitioner of medicine and of the elements of diagnosis of the various important helminths infesting man. This work is especially designed for physicians, sanitarians and medical zoologists and Professor Faust has accomplished his task of presenting the subject in an interesting, scientific and practical manner.

The work is divided into four Sections, the first treating of the scope of helminthology; the second, of the platyhelminthes, or flat worms; the third, of the nemathelminthes, or round worms; and the fourth, of the technical aids in the diagnosis and treatment of helminthic infections.