Human Rabies, with Special Reference to Virus Distribution and Titer

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  • Montgomery, Alabama
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Six fatal cases of human rabies are considered. Four of the patients died in spite of early Pasteur treatment.

In three cases the virus distribution and titer were obtained by intracerebral mouse inoculation with material from the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The highest titer was 10-4 and was obtained from the anterior central gyrus, thalamus, pons, medulla, cervical cord, thoracic cord, and lumbar cord. Only the thalamus titered 10-4 in all three cases.

No virus was demonstrated in the kidney, liver, spleen, or adrenal tissue.

The lachrymal gland was positive for rabies virus in two cases and the salivary gland in one case.

Spinal fluid from six, undiluted whole blood from two, and blood serum from one of the six patients failed to show the presence of rabies virus when injected intracerebrally into Swiss mice.