The Charles Franklin Craig Lecture for 1938

Progress in the Study of Infections due to Bartonella and Rickettsia, with Special Reference to the Work Performed at Harvard University

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I regard it as a great honor that I have been asked to deliver the Charles Franklin Craig lecture before the Society this year for I have the highest admiration for Dr. Craig's distinguished career and no one in the United States has done more than he to advance our knowledge of Tropical Medicine.

The genus Bartonella was created in 1913 by Tyzzer, Sellards and the writer in connection with the study in Peru of the causative microörganism of Oroya fever and Verruga peruviana, while the term Rickettsia was first applied in 1916 by Rocha Lima to the cellular inclusions observed in the intestines of lice which had fed on patients with Typhus fever. Gradually our knowledge regarding these two types of microörganisms has been extended. Some earlier studies suggested that both might be classified in a group intermediate between the protozoa and bacteria.