Contributions to the Bacteriology of Leprosy

I. The Diphtheroid in Leprosy

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  • George Williams Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, University of California Medical School, San Francisco
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  1. 1.The pleomorphic, partly acid-fast diphtheroid of Bordoni-Uffreduzzi and other authors can be cultivated more or less constantly from nasal and other open lesions of lepers, as well as from non-ulcerating leprous lesions.
  2. 2.This diphtheroid differs in its large size, extreme pleomorphism, peculiar colonies, carbohydrate fermentations and partial acid-fastness from all diphtheroids from other sources adequately described in the literature.
  3. 3.A search for the possible saprophytíc source of this diphtheroid from leprous lesions has disclosed that it is apparently identical with a diphtheroid cultivable from smegma praeputii, which is probably a cultural form of the pleomorphic and facultative acid-fast Bacillus smegmatis.