Major-General William Crawford Gorgas

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  • Medical Corps, United States Army

Since the last annual meeting of this Society, it has suffered the loss of its most illustrious member, Major-General William Crawford Gorgas.

General Gorgas will be known to future generations as the Great Sanitarian of his age. History will emphasize the fact that he applied practically, on a large scale, the knowledge of the transmission of yellow fever by one particular species of mosquito which fact had been so thoroughly and so completely demonstrated by the Board of Medical Officers of the United States Army headed by Walter Reed; that through his initiative as a practical sanitarian yellow fever was banished from Cuba in an astoundingly short period of time; that his broad vision, comprehensive knowledge and practical application of the sanitary principles required in the prevention of disease made possible the construction of the Panama Canal. At the time of his death he was waging a contest with yellow fever in its final remaining strongholds in South and Central America.