Observations on the Conception that Sprue is a Mycosis Superimposed upon a State of Deficiency in Certain Essential Food Elements

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  • Medical Corps, United States Army

INFECTION BY MONILIA PSILOSIS The writer has had to date over one thousand cases of typical sprue in the Island of Porto Rico. The cases were studied in four periods:

  1. 1.A purely clinical series, 1908–1913.
  2. 2.A clinical series, checked upon by mycological study of tongue, scrapings and feces, 1914–1917.
  3. 3.A clinical series, checked upon by serologic study of patients' blood, 1920.
  4. 4.An unfinished series, 1921.

The work upon the statistical data is not yet complete, but in general it can be stated that of 350 cases in the first two series, of which about one-half received in treatment one-sided diets, there were 29 deaths, 4 of which were due to complications. In these cases sugar of commerce and cereals were prohibited but the treatment was, in general, that recommended in standard works of that epoch on tropical medicine.