A Case of Paget's Disease Associated with Carcinomatous Infiltration of the Breast of a Male Native of the Sudan

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  • Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories, Khartoum

The case, which forms the subject of this paper, was under the care and treatment of Dr. John M. McCleery, American Mission, Doleib Hill, Malakal, and I am indebted to him for the material sent for histopathological examination, as well as for the photographic figures 1 and 2 and the notes on the clinical history of the case.

The patient was that of a male, approximately thirty-five years of age, a native of the Southern Sudan, who came to the American Mission for treatment. This mission station is about 500 miles south of Khartoum, and obtains a number of patients from the various Nuer, Dinka and Shilluk tribes who frequent that district.

On examination, the patient was found to have a large indurated ulcerated area involving the lower part of the right nipple. The ulcer had existed for a period of nearly a year and was relatively painless. There was no previous history of trauma connected with the lesion.