Systemic Blastomycosis

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  • Galveston, Texas

On April 6, 1911, there was admitted into my service at the John Sealy Hospital at Galveston, a negro, Joe Bardy, from Kingsville, Texas. He was a brakeman on the Brownsville Railroad and brought a letter to me from Drs. M. E. and Amy B. Miles. The letter stated that he was referred because of an unusual and obscure infection and requested my assistance in diagnosing and treating the disease.

The patient was thirty-nine years of age, appeared quite ill, somewhat emaciated and weak.

Family history. Negative.

Previous illness. Yellow fever in childhood, rheumatism affecting the joints twelve years before, Neisserian infection several times, the last attack being eight months previously.

Habits. Were usual to his race and station and he was a heavy consumer of alcohol in the form of whiskey, beer and gin.

Present illness. Three months before he had observed a warty projection on the forehead just above the left eye.