Studies on Inoculation of Experimental Animals with Malaria

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  • School of Medicine, Tulane University, New Orleans


  1. 1.In three different sets of experiments four guinea-pigs, five rabbits and one monkey (Macaccus rhesus) were inoculated directly into the blood stream, with blood containing P. falciparum.
  2. 2.The plasmodia were proved to be living and viable at the time they were injected into the animals, by the fact that cultures put up at the same time grew and segmented.
  3. 3.The animals remained apparently well and repeated blood examinations extending beyond the incubation period of malaria in man failed to show plasmodia in any of the animals except in one guinea-pig twenty-four hours after the inoculation. These plasmodia did not seem to have grown, although those in the corresponding culture in human serum had practically all grown beyond the ring stage found in the animal.
  4. 4.The plasmodia in cultures in serum from the different animals failed to grow, although those in the corresponding cultures in human serum grew in the usual way.