Minutes of the Council Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, Annual Meeting, 1921

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The Council met in the Eastman Hotel, Sunday evening, November 13, 9 p.m. The following members of the Council were present: Drs. Swan, Siler and Simon. Drs. Henry J. Nichols and C. C. Bass were present by request. The reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were ordered accepted as read. Under the head of unfinished business, the Treasurer presented the record of an unpaid account amounting to $55.00, which represented the various expenses incidental to the campaign for new members conducted at the request of the Council by Dr. Damasco Rivas. This was ordered paid.

The resignations of Drs. Joseph Sailer and C. C. Pierce, as active members were accepted. The following correspónding members also resigned during the year and their resignations were ordered accepted: Drs. A. Castellani, C. W. Daniels, E. S. Goodhue, W. H. Park. Dr. A. Castellani was elected to honorary membership.

The Membership Oommittee for the ensuing year was requested to canvass the present list of honorary members for the purpose of making corrections and offering possible suggestions at the next annual meeting.