Minutes of the Annual Meeting

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The seventeenth annual meeting of the Scientific Session of the American Society of Tropical Medicine was called to order at 9.45 a.m. Monday, November 14th, 1921, in the Eastman Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas. President John M. Swan presided and in addition to the Secretary, Dr. Sidney K. Simon, the following members were in attendance: Drs. Bass, Siler, Dock, Nichols, Deaderick, Shattuck, Guthrie, Graves, Boyd, Lemann, Levy, McLean and Lynch. A number of guests were also present.

The President read an address entitled “Malaria Control.” At its conclusion the following resolution was presented to the Society by Colonel J. F. Siler, and upon motion was unanimously carried:

Whereas it is proposed to establish on the Isthmus of Panama an Institute of Tropical Medicine as a memorial of the life and the work of one of our former presidents, William Crawford Gorgas, Major General M. C. U. S. A. and formerly Surgeon General of the Army.