By George M. Katsainos, M.D. Pp. 1–554. Privately printed in Athens, Greece

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This is a curious work treating of syphilis largely from the sociological stand-point, and contains much that is valuable but more that is merely interesting, but marred by the prejudices of the author who accepts certain theories and opinions upon insufficient evidence and from them draws conclusions which are at variance with the truth. For instance, his statement that syphilis is always incurable will not be accepted by most students of this infection, while he certainly goes too far in his condemnation of society and the medical profession regarding the handling of the sociological problems connected with the disease. In this country, at least, his reproaches regarding the ignorance in which the public is kept by the medical profession in respect to syphilis, are not deserved, for perhaps too much publicity is being given the subject leading to greatly exaggerated conceptions of its prevalence and importance.