Synopsis of Clinical Laboratory Methods

W. E. Bray. 2nd edition. Pp. 408, 51 text illustrations and 17 color plates. C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1938

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There have been many changes in this edition of Dr. Bray's book necessitated by current laboratory practices, and, although the work is called a “Synopsis” it contains an enormous amount of up-to-date, accurate and useful material assembled in a comparatively small space, including formulae, methods and sufficient discussion for orientation.

The subject of hematology receives a very extended consideration and includes several excellent colored plates of blood cells and discussions on the origin, significance, morphology and abnormalities of these cells and even a description of the diffraction measurement of the erythrocytes. While ample classification of blood groups is provided on Landsteiner and Jansky classification, the text is based on the Moss classification, except a paragraph dealing with medico-legal practice. We cannot agree with his comment: “The Moss classification is used in the United States almost exclusively,” for though very widely used, the Landsteiner classification has considerable and increasing usage.