A Handbook of Tropical Diseases

By P. B. Bhattacharya. Second Edition. Revised, Re-written, Enlarged and Brought Up to Date. By J. C. Banerjea, M.B. (Cal.), M.R.C.P. (Lond.) and P. B. Bhattacharya, M.B., D.T.M. (Cal.). Bengal Medical Service, Upper. Pp. I–X. 1–413. U. N Dhur & Co., Calcutta. 1938

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This work is written for the senior medical student and practicing physician and covers tropical medicine in an adequate manner for both. It should also be of great service to the teacher of tropical medicine as it is written in such a manner that the data are presented in a concise and accurate manner with controversial matter either eliminated or briefly stated.

The reviewer has carefully read this volume and can recommend it as an excellent presentation of the subject. It is well up-to-date and, with very few exceptions, contains all of the essential facts in the description of each condition included in the work. It is especially to be noted that infection with Endamoeba histolytica is considered, as it should be, under the title “Amebiasis” instead of “Amebic Dysentery,” as it is in most works upon tropical medicine by English, and even foreign, writers.