Practical Bacteriology, Haematology, and Animal Parasitology

By E. R. Stitt, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Paul W. Clough, M.D. and Mildred C. Clough, M.D. Illustrated. Pp. I–XIII, 1–961. Ninth Edition. P. Blakiston's Son and Co., Philadelphia. 1938

Chas. F. Craig
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A work that has reached the ninth edition has evidently proven of great service to the medical profession and there is perhaps no book in the English language upon the subjects of which it treats, that has been so useful, and deservedly so, than has Stitt's compilation. The present edition contains many additions, especially in the sections treating of hematology and the filtrable viruses, but by the aid of small print it has been possible to keep the work within a format that is easily handled and practical. There are many new illustrations and the colored plates are unusually good. The reviewer has carefully read a large part of this work and has found it up-to-date in most particulars. The inclusion of Plasmodium ovale in the differential diagnostic tables of the malaria plasmodia would seem to have been advisable although this new plasmodium is described elsewhere in the book.