Die Malaria-Ubertrager

By Dr. Fritz Weyer. Tropeninstitut Hamburg. Illustrated. Pp. 1–141. Georg Thieme, Leipzig. 1939

Chas. F. Craig
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This is a valuable summary of the mosquitoes transmitting malaria throughout the world. After an introductory chapter in which is considered the methods of transmission, several pages are devoted to a tabular statement which includes all of the species of Anophelines which act as transmitting mosquitoes of malaria in all parts of the world. This tabular statement is very exhaustive and should be of great value to malariologists. Following this statement each transmitting mosquito is considered separately and arranged alphabetically. In this section of the work the geographical distribution of each species of mosquito is given, together with its breeding places and habits, and its connection with the transmission of malaria. Both the rate of natural infection and experimental infection with each species is covered and the references to the literature are extensive and valuable.