Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology

2nd Ed. By H. O. Mönnig, B.A., Dr.Phil., B.V.Sc.; Professor of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, and Veterinary Research Officer, Onderstepoort, South Africa. 409 pp. Wm. Wood and Co., Baltimore, 1938

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This edition of a valuable text on the systematics, morphology and applied aspects of helminth and arthropod parasites of domestic animals is dedicated to the memory of Sir Arnold Theiler, whose researches on the mode of transmission and the control of animal parasites in South Africa has inspired not only his own students but also the workers in this field throughout the world.

Following a brief introduction, the volume is divided into four sections. Section I (pp. 2–11) contains chapters presenting a general treatment of the subject. Section II (pp. 13–22), entitled “Technique,” deals with the collection and preservation of helminths and arthropods and clinical diagnostic procedures. Section III (pp. 23–262) presents information on the Helminths. Section IV (pp. 263–387) deals with the Arthropods. In addition, there is a parasite list for each of the important hosts considered and a subject index. An author index is lacking.